Are you laser-focused?

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of laser technology at Asmbly, where precision meets versatility in our laser shop area. Our state-of-the-art CO2 laser cutters are equipped to handle an extensive range of materials, including plywood, hardwoods, acrylic, leather, fabric, paper, cardboard, and more.

Boasting four CO2 laser cutters ranging from 60W to 220W, our shop offers ample capacity to accommodate projects of any scale. With bed sizes extending up to 63”x39”, you’ll have the space and power necessary to tackle even the most ambitious endeavors with ease.

Our large lasers are controlled with Lightburn software, a powerful software that simplifies the design process and enhances workflow efficiency. Members can take advantage of a generous 75% discount on Lightburn software upon completion of laser certification.

In addition to flat materials, our laser shop is equipped with rotaries that enable cutting and engraving on round objects such as tumblers. This versatility allows you to personalize and embellish cylindrical items with ease.

Join us and discover the transformative power of laser technology in realizing your artistic vision.

Available Classes

Laser Tools

  • “Tarkin” Custom made 225W Laser Cutter with Ruida controller 63″ x 39″
  • “Dorian” Laguna SmartShop EX-C, 150W 51″ x 36″ Laser Cutter
  • “Pearl” Royal Mark RSX-1832, 100W 32″ x 18″ Laser Cutter
  • “Blue” ULS PLS 6.60, 60W 32″ x 18″ Laser Cutter

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