Member Resources

Handy Information for Members

As a largely volunteer-run organization, we empower members to serve themselves and help each other.  Here are some handy resources to enhance your experience and amplify the collective strength of our members.

Community Forum

Online discussion occurs amongst members and non-members alike on our Discourse forum. We love sharing projects and ideas regardless of membership status. Even if you’re not a member, we’d love to have you join us on our community forum!

Member Portal

Neon is where your membership and classes are managed. Keep your contact information up-to-date here and make changes to your membership as needed.


Members can schedule time on machines or in various shop areas at Asmbly using Skedda, our online scheduling system. Our venue is marked private, so you must use the link provided in your initial membership purchase email to create your account for this service.

Asmbly Wiki

Documentation on Asmbly policies, machine specifications, and more can be found on our wiki, including our Member Handbook and How to Be Excellent.

Problem Report

Members help us have high machine uptimes not only by volunteering to maintain equipment, but also by promptly reporting issuse!  Use this form to report anything from malfunctioning machines to dirty shop areas.  A team of volunteers monitors these reports and is sometimes able to respond immediately if you provide your contact information (totally optional!).

Asmbly Store

Need to purchase a SawStop brake + blade replacement? Want to get an Asmbly gift card for a friend? Here’s where to buy them!