Private & Checkout Classes

Private Classes

Asmbly offers private classes for all classes we teach. These private classes can be in either a one-on-one or group setting. The price for private classes depends on the number of attendees and the particular class requested. The per-person fee will be the lesser of 2.5x the regular group class rate or the full-class fee divided by the number of attendees.

MIG Welding typically costs $100 per attendee with a maximum of 4 attendees, making the full-class fee $400. For a private class, the cost would be:

  • 1 student – $250
  • 2 students – $200/ea.
  • 3 students – $135/ea.
  • 4 students  – $100/ea.

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Checkout Classes

We also recognize that some makers come to Asmbly with significant experience on some tools. Because of that, we also offer checkout classes on most, but not all, tools at Asmbly. We DO NOT offer checkouts on either of the basic shop safety classes (Woodshop Safety and Metal Shop Safety), the lasers, or the CNCs.

For all other classes, you are welcome to request a checkout. You will be asked to perform a task that a user with intermediate experience should be able to complete without help, while being supervised by an instructor. The instructor will also cover Asmbly-specific policies and procedures related to the tool. If you are successful, you will be granted access to the tool. If you are not successful, you will be asked to take the intro course on that tool.

NOTE: If you fail the checkout, you WILL NOT be refunded, nor will we apply the fee to the corresponding intro class. Keep this in mind when deciding between requesting a checkout and taking the usual intro class.

How to Book Private & Checkout Classes

To request a private or checkout class, find the class you’re interested in on our classes page, click “Learn More,” then click on the button to “Request a Private or Checkout Session.” Submit the form, and we’ll get in touch to coordinate scheduling and payment.