New Maker Scholarship Program

About the Scholarship Program

The New Maker Scholarship Program marks Asmbly’s first-ever scholarship fund.  This fund benefits youth transitioning out of the foster care system as they reach adulthood.

We aim to inspire our scholarship recipients to:

  • explore their creativity
  • consider career options in the maker realm
  • challenge themselves in a multidisciplinary, hands-on, collaborative setting
Each scholarship recipient will receive:

Orientation & Shop Safety Class — learn to work in a community shop safely and harmoniously

Membership — 3 months of access to shop space and equipment at Asmbly

Class credits — learn specialized skills using industrial-grade equipment

Project kits — materials and project plans to practice new skills

Community + Mentorship — our vibrant community is always eager to share ideas, challenges, and knowledge

Donate & Support

Asmbly is able to offer this scholarship through the generosity of our donors and sponsors.  Thank you for considering contributing to this program to help build the next generation of makers!

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