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Welcome to Asmbly’s electronics lab, a place for makers seeking to infuse their creations with electronic ingenuity. Our dedicated lab is equipped with essential tools and resources to help with all of your electronics projects.

Step into our space and discover a wealth of equipment at your disposal, including an oscilloscope for precise signal analysis, soldering stations for seamless circuit assembly, a PCB reflow oven for professional-grade soldering, and hot air rework stations for intricate component repair and modification.

We also offer a variety of classes designed to expand your knowledge and skills in key areas such as microcontrollers, enabling you to unlock new possibilities and tackle more advanced projects with confidence.

Join us and immerse yourself in the electrifying world of electronics.

Available Classes

Electronics Lab Tools

  • Thermaltronics soldering station
  • 1GHz 4-channel oscilloscope
  • bench power supplies, waveform generators, test equipment
  • Hot-air rework tools
  • stereo microscope
  • Sunkko 788H Battery Spot Welder, shrink wrap, & nickel wire

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