Empowering Austin’s Creative Makers

Asmbly is Austin’s largest nonprofit community makerspace.

Welcome to Asmbly

Asmbly is not just a makerspace; it’s a thriving hub where creative makers converge to bring their boldest ideas to life. Located in northeast Austin, we are a nonprofit membership-based community dedicated to fostering a vibrant network of creative makers who share not only our space and tools but also their ideas and passion for making.

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to enrich Austin’s creative maker community by providing a top notch creative space with tools and educational opportunities in a multidisciplinary, inviting, and member-focused setting.

Whether you’re an experienced artisan, a curious hobbyist, or an idea-driven inventor, Asmbly has what you need to bring your projects to life.

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Asmbly Makerspace is here to serve Austin’s creative community with keycard access to over 8,000SF of air-conditioned workspace. We have a complete woodshop and metal shop as well as dedicated spaces for lasers, textiles, electronics, and 3D printing. Under one roof, you’ll find a diverse group of tinkerers working harmoniously to bring their ideas to life.

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At Asmbly, you’ll discover a myriad of resources, including state-of-the-art equipment and tools in each space. Each space is well-appointed and includes professional-grade equipment including a Laguna CNCs, Tormach PCNC, Juki Industrial Sewing Machine, and high powered large scale laser cutters.

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At Asmbly, you’ll find hands-on educational classes and a supportive community eager to collaborate and inspire. Our community encourages knowledge-sharing, idea exchange, and collaboration. We believe that when diverse minds unite, extraordinary projects take shape.

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Come be a part of our community, where you’ll find other makers who share your passion. Explore, create, and transform your vision into reality with us. We strive to provide a dynamic and inclusive environment where passionate individuals from all walks of life can gather, learn, and craft together.

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