Leaders & Staff

Learn more about the structure of our organization and roles within it on our wiki here.

Our Leaders

Valerie Wilmot

Executive Director, At-large Board Member

Billy Nelson

Asmbly Founder, Board Treasurer

Jon Eklund

Board President

Jordan Varat, Director of Outreach

Jordan Varat

Director of Outreach, Board Secretary

James Freeman

CNC Lead Steward, At-large Board Member

Shane Nestle

General Manager

Ethan Moore

Metal Shop Lead Steward

Stephannie Behrens

Textiles Lead Steward

Bill May

Woodshop Lead Steward

Michael Leonard, lasers lead steward

Michael Leonard

Lasers Lead Steward

Enoch Riese

3D Printing Lead Steward

Our Staff

Matthew Miller

Education Coordinator

Evan Weinberger

Education Coordinator

David Disko

Lead Instructor, Wood Lathe Lead Steward

Sid Holderbach

Membership Coordinator