Asmbly Maker Market – FAQ

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Q: Is there an application or booth fee?

A: No!  This event is put on to promote Asmbly members who sell items they make and show off the creativity of our community.  Sponsors help us keep this event at no cost to both vendors and patrons.


Q: When is the deadline to apply?

A: The deadline varies from event to event. Please refer to the event page to find the deadline. In general, application deadlines will be due at least a month before the event to allow us enough time to finalize the booth layout and promote and market individual vendors. It’s a good idea to submit as early as possible to up your chances of getting the booth assignment you prefer!


Q: How do I know if my application was accepted?

A: We only have a limited number of booths available, so we may not be able to accept every booth application. The AMM committee will respond to applications within a week to confirm receipt and will work to inform applicants of whether or not they are accepted into the market as soon as possible.


Q: What can I do to help my application?

A: Providing specific booth numbers you are interested in is a huge help to the AMM committee. It’s also very helpful to provide a quick way for us to see the products you are planning to sell via a website or social media account. Providing your Texas sales tax ID will also speed up the approval process. While you do not have to have your Texas sales tax ID established to apply, you will need to be able to provide it prior to being fully approved as a vendor.


Q: When will I know my booth assignment?

A: We won’t be able to provide final booth assignments until after applications close. Applying early increases your chances of getting your preferred booth.


Q: What type of booth structure is allowed? Do you provide the booths?

A: Each vendor booth area will have unique constraints.  Please review the booth map and details for information on what is available vs required to bring for each booth area.  Asmbly may provide tables and chairs in most cases, however all displays to be used for products must be provided by the vendor.


Q: Will electricity be provided to my booth?

A: Most booths will have electricity available.  If you require electricity, be sure to mark that on your application so we can plan accordingly.  A few select booths, such as the ones in the laser room, will also have a computer and monitor available to use for displaying videos.  Vendors with computers at their booths are encouraged to incorporate them into their booth setups.  Customers love videos of your work in progress!


Q: What are your booth sizes?

A: The majority of the booths will be inside the building and vary wildly in size.  Refer to the vendor booth map for details on sizes.


Q: Do I have to be open both days of the event?

A: Yes, you or your sales help must be present and open for business during our open hours, every day of the event.


Q: When is set up and tear down?

A:Refer to the schedule on the vendor event page for details on set up and tear down times.  In general, tear down may begin when the market closes.  Vendors may not tear down early — this creates a bad experience for patrons there at the end of the event.  If things are slow at your booth, use this opportunity to peruse other nearby booths and make your own final purchases.


Q: Do I have to collect sales tax?

A: Yes. As required by state law, you must collect and pay Texas Austin sales tax (8.25%).  If you have not already, you can register your small business with the Texas Comptroller to receive a sales tax ID:  We also made this walk thru guide here to step you through the process.  If you have any questions, please reach out to


Q: What is the mode of booth payment accepted?

A: Whatever you choose!  Customers appreciate having cash or credit options, but the choice is really up to you.  Square offers first credit card mag stripe readers for free (here).  You may also consider using Cash Apps (e.g. CashApp, Zelle, Apple Pay etc.).  If you plan to accept cash payments, be sure to bring change to the event!