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Vendor Expectations & Guidelines


  • Eligibility — All active Asmbly members are eligible to apply for a vendor booth at the Asmbly Maker Market.  Memberships must remain active to be able to sell at the event.
  • Fees — There is no fee associated with vending at this market.
  • Applications — To ensure a variety of goods available for sale and due to the limited number of booths available, Asmbly may not necessarily approve all vendor applications. Vendor applications can be found here along with information about deadlines.
  • Sales Tax — Vendors must provide proof of a Texas sales tax ID.  As required by law, vendors must collect and pay Texas and Austin sales tax (8.25% total).  
    • If you don’t have a Texas sales tax ID yet, you can apply for one here.  We made a walk thru guide here to help you with the application process.  Email makermarket@asmbly.org if you have questions or need help.  Be sure to do this as early as possible so you have your tax ID before booth assignments are finalized!
  • Transactions — Vendors are responsible for their own transactions.  Asmbly will not handle any transactions for individual vendor sales.
  • Schedule — Vendors must adhere to the below schedule for setup and breakdown of booths.
  • Attendees — Due to space constraints, vendors may only have 1 helper with them at their booth.  Booths may not be left unattended.


Asmbly Commitments


  • Turnout — Asmbly will work to ensure a solid turnout by marketing heavily for the event several months in advance through social media, radio, print, flyers around town, word of mouth, and more.
  • Cleanliness — Asmbly, with the help of volunteers, will provide a clean space for vendors to set up their booths.
  • Security — Asmbly will provide as much security as reasonably possible for vendor merchandise during the event.  Starting at 5am on day 1 of the event, OpenPath access will only be provided to volunteer members assisting with the event, Asmbly leadership team, and members registered as vendors.  During the hours of the event, OpenPath will be turned off so that patrons may come and go.  When the event closes for the day on day 1, OpenPath access will again be restricted to volunteers, leaders, and vendors only.  Access will be the same on day 2 with general member access not returning until 1 hour after the event ends. Although Asmbly is making a best effort to prevent theft during this event, it cannot be guaranteed.  Asmbly may not be held liable for theft that occurs.  In the event of theft, if security camera footage or OpenPath records are available to assist vendors with catching thieves, Asmbly will provide such information.