Asmbly Maker Market – Holiday Edition – Vendor Application


Thank you for your interest in being a vendor for the 2022 Holiday Edition of Asmbly Maker Market! We’re looking forward to hosting this open house event where we will invite the public to explore the space and promote members’ maker businesses by providing an opportunity to sell items they’ve made.


In addition to your unique creations, we will also have food and drinks (including beer and wine) available for purchase, as well as live music entertainment.




Please refer to the booth information below when filling out your application! Deadline for applications is November 1st, 2022.





Date & Time

  • Saturday, December 10th, 12 pm-6 pm
  • Sunday, December 11th, 11 am-4 pm





Week of the event

  • Organizing and cleaning to prepare for the event.
  • Auditing and purging of storage areas.


Friday, December 9th

  • Volunteers start final cleaning and space preparations.
    • Large items such as scrap carts get moved.
    • Any needed extension cord runs get placed and taped down.
  • 2am — space closes and members no longer have access to the shop for general use until Sunday 12/11 at 6pm.


Saturday, December 10th

  • 5am — Only vendors, Asmbly leaders, and volunteers member helping with the event have facility access.  Final cleaning of the space before the event.
  • 8am — Vendors may start setting up their booths.
  • 11am — Vendor booths must be fully set up.  Vendors can then use this time before the event opens to the public to check out other booths, grab food or drinks, etc.
  • 12pm — Space opens to the public.
  • 6pm — Closing time for day 1.  OpenPath access restricted to vendors, leaders, and volunteers only.


Sunday, December 11th

  • 5am — Only vendors, Asmbly leaders, and volunteer members helping with the event have facility access.  Vendors may arrive at any time to restock their booths, etc.
  • 10:45am — Vendor booths should be fully restocked and ready for business.
  • 11am — Space opens to the public.
  • 3:30pm — Start making closing announcements. 
  • 4pm — Closing time for day 2. Vendors may now start packing up their booths no sooner than 4pm.
  • 6pm — Space becomes available for general member use.  Normal OpenPath access returned to all members.



Vendor Expectations and Guidelines

Please review the Vendor Expectations and Guidelines before submitting your application to this event.



Booth Information

Please review the Booth Information before submitting your application to this event.




Here is a list of common FAQs asked about being a vendor at Asmbly Events.